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World champion Canada in the semi-finals without too much worrying

Team Canada won the duel with Finland with 7:1. Despite the clear result, the Finns put up a good fight against the favorites for a long time. 

The Canadians got off to the better start in the game; Laurence scored the opening goal after just over two minutes. In powerplay, Holmes doubled the Canadians’ lead with a powerful long-range shot after a superb cross-floor pass from Kelly. But the Finns also had their chances. This is reflected in the almost even shooting statistics of 9:7 in favor of the Canadians after the first 20 minutes. 

The Finns came out of the first break with a lot of effort. They combined nicely and were able to get a foothold in the Canadian defense time and again. However, the Maple Leafs shielded their own goal well. In addition, Canada goalkeeper Latin was a reliable back-up. Up front, the North Americans tried to increase the score. After 21 minutes, Laframboise curved around the goal in a burst of energy, skilfully turned away from the defender and caught the Finnish goalkeeper Kuusamo in the near corner. A short time later, the Canadians broke out of a prolonged period of pressure from the northerners with a quick advance, with Mainman feeding Laframboise, who only had to tap in. The Finns were now in trouble. Moquin scored with a dry wrist shot. The two teams went into the second break with a clear score of 5:0. 

The final period started as the last one had ended: with a Canadian goal. With a blind backhand pass, Anderson served Jegg, who only had to slide it in. The Finns also managed to score a well-deserved goal. Karppinen finished off a nice combination in powerplay to make it 6:1. The Canadians eventually scored an empty netter. 

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