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USA end group phase with clear victory

The Americans win comfortably 7:1 against the “United Nations” team. “United Nations” finishes the group phase with one point. 

In their final group game, the Americans had the opportunity to temporarily snatch second place in the group from their Czech rivals and put the Eastern Europeans under pressure ahead of their final game in round robin. The USA immediately set the pace in their match against the “United Nations" team. After two minutes of play and two scores from Murphy and a goal from top scorer Seitz, the favourites were already 3:0 up. Monahan went one better shortly afterwards. 

Guerrera brought her colours back into the game with a goal shortly after the first break. However, the Americans responded skillfully with a double strike after 20 minutes. Monahan with her second goal of the day and Biagetti increased the score to 6:1. Vakos eventually also added her name to the scoresheet in the third period. 


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