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The Swiss men have sold their skin dearly!

Defending champions Canada won their semi-final match against Switzerland 7:0 (2:0, 3:0, 2:0). The Swiss thrilled the numerous spectators in the Lonza Arena in Visp with their committed and combative style of play. 

Canada tried to get the better of the Swiss at the start. The Swiss did not allow themselves to be put off and concentrated on their strengths: keeping calm, fighting and standing up for each other. Nevertheless, Canada scored a goal in the 3rd minute, but it was disallowed after video evidence because goalie Messer was first attacked and then the goal was moved. In return, Rohdewald, in his typically defiant manner, powered his way between the Canadian players and tested goalie Lantin with a powerful shot. In quick succession, Faina and Filipek created good chances to put the Swiss ahead. In this phase of the game, the Canadians seemed surprised by the Swiss' style of play and a difference in class could not be detected. In the middle of this period of pressure, Laframboise set off on a solo run but was denied by the attentive goalkeeper Messer. The Swiss responded with storming attacks on the Canadian goal, but Max Müller, Fairclough and Faina were thwarted by goalkeeper Latin or the many-legged Canadian defense. It was precisely during this Swiss pressure phase that the Canadians launched a quick relief attack, which was successfully completed by Laframboise to make it 1-0. The Swiss players were not discouraged by this, but continued to attack unperturbed, unfortunately without success. Their opponents did better: four minutes before the end of the period, Léveillé increased the score to 2:0. The fighting and team spirit of the Swiss could then be marveled at when they survived a boxplay against the reigning world champions without any damage.

The Canadians put the Swiss under pressure again at the start of the second period. The Swiss hardly came out of their zone. However, the Maple Leafs failed due to the tenacious work of the defenders and the reliable saves of goalkeeper Messer. With their clever team play, the agile Canadian wingers opened the door for Moquin, who was free in front of the Swiss goal, to book a 3-0 lead. The 22nd minute proved to be a minute of fate for the Swiss. For a brief moment, they lost their focus and had to concede two goals. Mainman fooled Goale Ziörjen, who replaced Messer in goal. Mainman scored again to make it 5:0 and Swiss coach Kapanek called a timeout to restore calm to the team. It was Rohdewald again who energetically asserted himself along the boards, but then failed to beat Lantin with his shot. Before the end of the period, Ziörjen prevented another Canadian goal with his big save.

The Swiss were able to start the final period in powerplay. They really pinned the Canadians back. However, Cioffo's hard long-range shot found its master in Latin. A goal in this phase of the game would have been more than deserved. However, their eagerness then spilled over into overzealousness, they lost their line somewhat and small mistakes crept in. The Canadians exploited these shamelessly and Holmes and Moquin scored the sixth and seventh goals.

Conclusion of this game: Despite the defeat, the Swiss players challenged and annoyed Team Canada with their committed and combative style of play. The Swiss team has great potential, it is willing, what the young team still lacks is international experience. The Swiss players did a great job of promoting their sport with this game. The many spectators thanked them for this with their loud applause and support. 


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