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Team Italy: A resounding victory in the B semi-finals

Italy beat the overstrained Armenia 10:1 (3:0, 4:0, 3:1) and celebrated their first victory at this World Championship. 

Italy, from the A pool, and Armenia, from the B pool, were two teams that had yet to taste success. The Italians showed the more cultivated play, but sinned considerably when it came to finishing. Two players managed the feat of failing to score when alone in front of the Armenian goalkeeper. The Armenians were mainly preoccupied with defending and were only able to launch occasional breakaway attacks. The Italian Giustini then showed his colleagues how to put the ball in the net. A while later, following a penalty against Armenia, it initially looked as though this chance of powerplay would also be unsuccessful for Italy. Della Della then scored at the last moment to put his side 2:0 ahead. 

The Italians continued to dominate the game in the second period, but were now more focused. The Armenians, inferior to the Italians in terms of running and technique, were outplayed time after time and the goals came like ripe fruit, even though the Armenian goalkeeper played an excellent game. The Tifosi even managed to score in boxplay. The fifth goal was worth seeing, scored by Giustini after a dream combination between various players. 

In the final period, the Armenians initially paid the price for their great effort and had to concede further goals. But then they rallied again and scored a deserved goal through Greco.

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