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Switzerland's fighting performance goes unrewarded

The Slovakians win 3:1 against the Swiss women's team at the World Streethockey Championships. Despite a fighting performance, it was not enough for a Swiss exploit. 

After their victory against the “United Nations” team, the Swiss women’s team played their second game in just a few hours. This made the match against the favourites and rested Slovakians – the 2022 World Cup bronze medallists – all the more challenging. It was to be seen how far the Swiss team’s energy reserves still stretched. 

Once again, the Swiss got off to a poor start. After three minutes, Lopusanova outwitted the entire defence to score. The Swiss were often busy defending after that. However, they endeavoured to keep things more balanced and created opportunities themselves. Janjic sent out an offensive signal with a promising finish after just a few seconds in the second period. However, the Helvetians slowed themselves down with numerous penalties. The Slovakians therefore remained superior on the field. As a consequence, Lapousanova again made it 2:0 after 33 minutes, and the Swiss went three goals behind after a substitution error. Hofer's score five minutes before the end revived hopes of an exploit, but more was not possible anymore.  

Switzerland will conclude round robin on Wednesday with a match against Great Britain (19:00, Raiffeisen Arena Raron). The Slovakians take on the Czech Republic also tomorrow. 


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