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Switzerland deservedly defeats Finland 3:1

A particularly strong defensive performance helps Switzerland to its first victory at the World Championships in Visp. The decision was made in the  third period when Switzerland was outnumbered.

After giving away points against the USA in the opening period yesterday, Switzerland were determined to get off to a better start against Finland today. Favoured by a powerplay opportunity, the plan went according to plan, Eberle scored with a powerful shot in the 5th minute to make it 1:0, and they went into the first break with this narrow lead.

The spectators in the Lonza Arena saw an exciting and evenly-matched duel in a fantastic atmosphere. It became apparent that it would be the details that would decide the victory today. One such detail was over- and underpayment situations. The Scandinavians took advantage of one such situation in the 26th minute to equalise.

Everything was open again before the final period. Switzerland had a marvellous opportunity to take the lead again in double overtime. Paulik finished in front of goal and outwitted goalie Antti Laine to make it 2:1. There was still a remaining penalty against the Finns, which expired, but Yanick Müller was able to capitalise on a rebound to make it 3:1 just as the Finns were back to full strength.

There were still eight long minutes to play, but the Swiss skilfully managed their lead and cheered along with the euphoric crowd at their well-deserved victory. The tournament continues on Sunday at 18:00 against the tournament favourites from the Czech Republic.


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