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Swiss women's team with first victory

Yesterday, the Swiss women’s team was close to an exploit against Canada. Today, they achieved their first victory with a 2:1 win on penalties against the “United Nations” team. 

The duel between the Swiss women's team and the “United Nations” team – a selection of different nationalities – confronted two teams with no points in the women's tableau. The locals were confident going into the match, having sniffed a sensation against the reigning world champions Canada for a long time the previous evening. 

The Swiss were given a cold shower: Watier scored for the “United Nations” team after two minutes following a quick counter-attack. After that, the Swiss left their mark on the game. The shooting ratio of 27:16 over the entire game demonstrates the clear dominance of the Helvetians. As the pressure increased, so did their scoring opportunities, but they were initially thwarted by their opponents' strong goalkeeper. 

Heike Bissig brought redemption for Switzerland when she squeezed the ball into the goal in a scramble after 31 minutes. The game now swung back and forth, with chances on both sides. In extra time, Janjic scored what was supposed to be the winner – but the ball crossed the goal line fractions of a second after the buzzer. The Swiss immediately made up for what they had missed: All three penalty shooters scored in the shoot-out to secure a well-deserved victory. 

Switzerland will continue their campaign on Tuesday evening against Slovakia (20:30, Raiffeisen Arena Raron). The “United Nations” team will take on the USA on Wednesday. 


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