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Swiss women’s team with a fighting performance in their last World Championship appearance

The Swiss women's team also impressed in their final placement match against an experienced Great Britain. Despite dominating, it lost 0:2 and finished the World Cup in 7th place. 

In the tournament so far, the Swiss have suffered several defeats in which they dominated the game. This was also the case against Great Britain in round robin. The placement match against the British provided an opportunity for revenge. The young Swiss team took possession of the British team's zone from the outset without neglecting its defense. It had obviously learned from conceding early goals in their first World Cup matches. In attack, the Swiss looked for a quick finish, but Great Britain keeper Bolwell proved to be a brick wall. 

Shortly after the first break, Great Britain was able to establish a foothold in the Swiss zone for the first time in the match when it could play in powerplay - and immediately took advantage. Towns poked the ball over the line. The pattern of previous games seemed to repeat itself. The Swiss were not deterred by this, fought with solidarity and created chances almost by the minute. However, Vuille in a two-on-one situation and Müller alone in front of goal were unlucky. 

The third period could not have started any worse for the Swiss. After Switzerland lost the ball in their own zone, Taylor made it 2:0 after just a few seconds. Was the game as good as decided? The Swiss dominantly pressed for the goal to reduce the score. However, their lack of routine, effectiveness and serenity once again proved to be their undoing. After a mammoth program, they also lacked the last bit of energy. The young Swiss ladies impressed at this World Cup with their rousing performances and irrepressible will to win. They were rarely rewarded for this, but they are a promise for the future. Switzerland finished in 7th place at their home World Championship, Great Britain in 5th place. 


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