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Slovakia shows no mercy against Haiti and clearly wins the game against Haiti 12:0.

Even a world-class team like Slovakia needs time to get used to the start of a tournament. However, it only took coach Rampacek's team 10 minutes to settle in Visp, after which Slovakia flexed their muscles.

It is probably no coincidence that Jaroslav Martinusik, one of Slovakia's most experienced and highly decorated players, had a hand in his team's first two goals. He scored the first goal in overtime in the 10th minute and set up the second goal a minute later.

From then on, Slovakia repeatedly appeared dangerous in front of Haiti goalkeeper Augustin and managed to outwit him at regular intervals. The Slovaks led 4:0 after the first period, and by the second break the game was definitely decided at 10:0.

The experienced Slovaks switched to economy mode for the last 15 minutes and Haiti also had a few good counter-attacking chances. However, Ondrej Dekany in goal could no longer be beaten. In the end, Slovakia can enjoy the national anthem after an 12:0 victory.


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