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Let’s use the home World Cup as a showcase!

Interview with Swiss women team's captain Martina Müller

In the run-up to the World Championships, which will take place from 21 - 29 June 2024 in Visp and Raron, we spoke to Martina Müller, captain of the Swiss women's national team, about the development of streethockey in our country and her expectations of the World Championships. 

How has Swiss streethockey developed internationally in recent years?

In recent years, more and more girls and women have taken up streethockey. The national championship has been readapted from a tournament format to the international format with first and second legs of 3 x 15 minutes each. This has made the national championship more attractive. The aim would be to inspire more girls and women for our sport through the World Championships and thus pave the way for future national players. 

What are the strengths of the women's national team? 

The greatest strength is definitely the team spirit. Every player is willing to go to her limits to support the team in the best possible way. We also have young and experienced players in the squad, which gives us a good breadth. 

How did the preparations for the World Championships go? 

Preparation has been underway since September 2023. After the first scouting training sessions, selection followed and regular training sessions took place. In addition to fitness tests, tactics and match situations, a lot of emphasis was placed on team cohesion early on. The team has been training together every weekend for a few weeks now.

What are the objectives of the women's national team at this year's World Championships?

We are going onto the pitch to show our best hockey and to win. We have not set ourselves a target in terms of ranking.

Who is the favourite at the 2024 World Championships? 

It's hard to say. Canada is travelling to the World Championships with a promising squad.

What does it mean that the 2024 World Championships will be held in Switzerland? Does it put additional pressure on the team?

It's a great opportunity to play a World Championships in our own country and represent Switzerland. It's important for us to show that women's teams can also play attractive matches in this sport. The home World Cup will increase the visibility of the sport and the women who play streethockey. I think it provides additional motivation and excitement rather than additional pressure.

Peter R. und Ursign Hofmann


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