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Lebanon confidently in the semi-finals of B-Pool

The strong Lebanese team beats France 5:0 without much worrying. It therefore remains in the title race in the B-Pool. 

As the round robin winners of the B-Pool without a loss, Lebanon started like the favorites. Kawkab took advantage of a rebound to take the lead after just over a minute. After that, the Lebanese continued to have a greater share of the play and pinned the French back. Just when France had settled into the match a little better and were able to record a few shots, Mathews found teammate Aboumoussa with a magisterial pass across the entire pitch. The latter could run alone on France goalkeeper Laurenco and netted in the style of a top scorer to take a two-goal lead for the Lebanese. 

In the second period, Lebanon seamlessly continued their previous performance. Rocha was responsible for the favorite’s third goal after 17 minutes. The French tried to reduce the score while in powerplay, but failed to score against Lebanon goalkeeper Blazek. They then managed to control the Lebanese somewhat better. The class of the favorites prevailed again in double powerplay. Kawkab scored after 27 minutes. Rocha added another in the remaining time with one man more on the pitch, after a beautiful combination between various players. In light of Libanon’s superiority, the result was also deserved at this level, and eventually corresponded to the final score. 


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