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Handmade trophies and awards from the Atelier Manus Foundation in Glis

The upcoming Ball Hockey World Cup 2024 promises not only top sporting performances, but also special recognition for the winners. The trophies and awards that will be presented to the best teams and players were handmade by the Atelier Manus Foundation. The Atelier Manus Foundation is known for its inclusive working conditions and employs people with disabilities.

The Atelier Manus Foundation is not only known for its handcrafted creations, but also for its social responsibility and commitment to inclusion. People with disabilities find a valuable workplace here where they can contribute their skills and develop further. The handmade trophies and awards of the World Cup are therefore not only artistic trophies, but also symbols of integration and social sustainability.

The handmade products undergo a careful development process. Starting with a creative design that captures the essence of the sport and the beauty of the region, the raw materials are selected and processed. Under the skillful hands of the artists at Atelier Manus, the trophies slowly take shape. The finest engravings and artistic decorations make each trophy unique, which the winners are proud to receive.

The 2024 Ball Hockey World Cup in Visp-Raron will undoubtedly be an event that everyone involved will remember. The handmade trophies from Atelier Manus are a symbol of the spirit of competition, craftsmanship and sustainable inclusion. As the teams compete for the title, they can be sure that the winning trophies they will hold in their hands are something very special - created by the talented hands and with the passion of artists with and without disabilities.

Anticipation for the tournament is growing and both athletes and fans alike can't wait to watch the exciting matches and admire the magnificent trophies that will be a highlight of this World Championship.


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