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Czechia with clear victory over the USA!

The Czechs beat the USA 7:1 (1:1, 1:0, 5:0) in an exciting and exhausting game to qualify for the World Championship final. Both teams offered the numerous fans fast, technical and exciting street hockey.

The Czechs started very aggressively and immediately tried to put their stamp on the game. In order to survive this situation, the Americans had to give their all. Once this phase was over, the US boys also shone with dangerous attacks. In the 4th minute, Lhota escaped the American defense and sprinted solo towards the American goal. At the last second, he could only be prevented from scoring by a foul. Bily confidently dispatched the resulting penalty. The overseas team reacted strongly. Ruiz stole the ball from the Czech defender at the blue line and went solo towards goalkeeper Mokry. The latter prevented the equalizer with a brilliant save. Minutes later, Mokry was once again called upon to make a strong save against a joint advance by Albright and Callahan. However, he was powerless against Albright's equalizer on a pass from Fredrickson. 

The Americans started the second period vehemently. However, the Czechs did not let this unsettle them. Instead, they played their chessboard-like game and put the Americans under a lot of pressure in their own zone. Goalkeeper Carter was barraged with powerful shots from short and long range; he was able to keep his goal clean for a long time. Cejka was able to cope with the hard work of the American defenders directly in front of goalkeeper Carter to then convert the precise pass from his teammate to make it 2:1 for the Czechs. The game then became more physical, with exciting scoring scenes on both sides, but no more goals were scored in this period. 

Due to the score, the USA were particularly challenged in the third period. However, it was the Czechs who initially controlled the game and stopped the Americans' fierce attacks. After the Americans missed the equalizer, the Czechs ended a renewed period of pressure with the 3:1. Cejka's shot was saved by the American goalkeeper, but he was powerless against Zvonek's rebound. The USA barely had time to digest this setback, as Langr increased the lead to 4:1 after effective interplay with Vanek. It was understandable that Team USA resigned after Jagr made it 5:1. Kudela and Langr put the finishing touches on the game with a 7:1 victory. 

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