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Czechia continues their winning run and qualify for the semi-finals

In contrast to Haiti, who only won once in the round robin matches, the Czechs finished their games without defeat. They won their quarter-final against Haiti 8:0 (2:0, 1:0, 5:0).

The Czechs took control of the game right from the start. With their consistent forechecking, they prevented Haiti from building up their play. The Czechs' chess-like team play was rewarded with the 1:0 in the 6th minute. After a quick attack and a powerful shot, Blaha took advantage of inadequate defending by goalkeeper Augustin. However, Haiti survived a penalty imposed at the same time without any damage. In the 11th minute, goalkeeper Augustin was once again at the center of action as he unfortunately deflected a shot from Zvonek into his own goal to make it 2:0. Haiti then tried their luck all too often with unsuccessful individual attempts. 

At the start of the second period, the Czechs held back a little, allowing Haiti to get into the game better and appear more often in front of Mokry's goal. A great solo by Plaisir was saved by the Czech goalkeeper at the last moment. In this phase of the game, Haiti impressed with their speed, tenacity and passion. After this wake-up call, the Czechs stepped up their offense again and scored through Zvonek to make it 3:0. Just one minute later, another Czech goal was cancelled for offside after video review. Shortly before the end of the period, Machacek's tricky solo was stopped by goalkeeper Augustin, who had to be tended to for several minutes shortly beforehand. The numerous spectators in the Lonza Arena were delighted by the thrilling play on both sides and the Czech attacking frenzy. 

The third period began with a bang. Lhota beat goalie Massa, who replaced the injured Augustin, with a long-range shot. Two minutes later, Massa had to bend over again as Pospisil shot in to make it 5:0. The Czechs' hunger for goals was not yet satisfied: in the 35th minute, Cejka and Zvonek whirled in front of the Haitian goal and Cejka shot in to increase the scoring to 6:0. As if on a string, Kucharcik, Cejka and Markytan passed the ball to each other before Kucharcik made it 7:0. The Haitians then weakened themselves with unnecessary penalties. Zvonek successfully finished off the subsequent powerplay with his third goal to make the final score 8:0. 

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