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Czech women show no weakness against Great Britain

The Czech women show no weakness in their clash with Great Britain. They win 3:1 and consolidate their position at the top of the table. 

The runners-up from the Czechia plays a long-distance duel with the USA and Canada to win the group. The Eastern Europeans showed no weaknesses in their clash with the British. Skorpikova put her colours on the road to victory after just 30 seconds. Landova in the 6th minute and Kubikova with a shorthander after 17 minutes extended the lead comfortably. The Brits then managed to reduce the score with a goal from Kasner-Good. However, this did not throw the Czechs off their stride. The score remained unchanged. 

Czechia play Slovakia tomorrow. The British women will compete also tomorrow against the world champions from Canada and Switzerland. 


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