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Cayman Islands continue their upward trend

France and Cayman Islands were two teams from the middle of the B Pool. The team from the Caribbean came out on top. 

The game got off to a great start for the French. Gaël Benbekhti, who plays for the Sierre Lions in Switzerland, scored the opening goal after just over a minute. He had already put his colours in front against Bermuda yesterday. However, the Cayman Islands countered with a double strike in the 9th and 10th minute: First Hoogaars in powerplay, on a pass from team top scorer Elliott, and then Stavert turned the game around. 

In the second period, Abramov put the French team back in front in double numerical superiority. Once again, the Cayman Islands had an answer: Plamondon scored in the 21st minute. After the French lost the ball in their defence, Keating even went one better. The French did not give up. In the 41st minute, it was Abramov again, who scored with a hard shot in powerplay. That was as good as it got for France. 

With the win, the Cayman Islands are now ahead of the “Equipe tricolore” in the table. The round robin is over for both teams.


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