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Canada wins without much worry!

In their final group game, Canada beats Great Britain 12:0 (3:0, 2:0, 7:0) without ever being seriously challenged.

The Canadians got off to a furious start and immediately put their opponents under pressure. However, they were initially unable to capitalize on their many chances. Chelsea Karpenko broke the spell in the 2nd minute, scoring the 1:0 on a pass from Sarah Davis. Amanda Kean successfully finished off an attack in the 6th minute to make it 2:0. Team Great Britain put up a brave fight and even managed to survive a 2-minute penalty without conceding a goal. The technically and skilfully superior Canadians constantly laid siege to their opponents' goal. Neleh Vigneau Sargeant had a free shot in the goal area in the 13th minute and increased the score to 3:0. 

Team Canada started the second period rather cautiously. This allowed the British team to launch a few counter-attacks, which were, however, confidently intercepted by the Canadian defenders. The response from the overseas team was not long in coming. Even though Samantha Bolwell (GB) cancelled out many of the Canadians' chances, Carol Ann Upshall scored after 22 minutes on a pass from Neleh Vigneau Sargeant to make it 4:0. Shortly afterwards, the same player increased the score to 5:0 after a remarkable solo run. A Kara Brumm penalty shortly before the end of the third period gave Team Great Britain the chance to score a goal. Despite storming attacks, the goal did not materialize.

In the 3rd period, the game was a bit of a flutter until Canada took control of the game again. And immediately the goals came in quick succession. Within 6 minutes, Upsall Carol Ann, Chelsea Karpenko, Amanda Kean, Tawnya Guindon and Elysia Desmier-Pelletier, who scored three times, made the final score 12:0. 


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