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Bermuda win 7th place in the B Pool

Bermuda narrowly defeated Armenia 6:5 in an animated match. Despite a good performance, the Armenians finished this World Championship without a successful result. 

In the quarter-finals of the B Pool, Armenia was clearly beaten by Italy. Bermuda lost narrowly to Great Britain. Both teams wanted to end the tournament with a positive result. The Armenians had the upper hand in the starting phase. They reaped the rewards in the 4th minute: Sevag Kalaydjian took the lead with a powerful shot. The game was now underway! Less than a minute after the opening goal, Beaudoin surprized Armenia goalkeeper Rainier with a superb back-hand shot to equalize. Now it was the Armenians’ turn again: after a rapid counter-attack, they went back in front through Komitas. The more active Armenians almost scored another goal, but Tzanetakos failed to score. Contrary to the course of the game, Worthington-White instead equalized for Bermuda after a lapse of concentration by the opposing defence seconds before the first break. 

The lively scoring continued afterwards. Komitas put the Armenians back in front and Sevag Kalaydjian doubled their lead. But Team Bermuda would not be shaken off. Hands-Jackson reduced the score immediately. When three Bermuda players faced one Armenian defender, they could even have equalized after 26 minutes. This was then scored by Hands-Jackson in the 35th minute. After winning the ball in the opposition zone, Bermuda even took the lead for the first time in the match when Morash scored. The Armenians acted somewhat impetuously afterwards and were punished by the experienced Bermuda team with a counter-attack and Bailey’s goal. There were still five minutes to play and Armenia was desperate for its first win at this World Cup: Ara Kalaydjian reduced the score. Despite a good performance, it was not to be enough for Armenia. 

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