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Finland keeps the upper hand against Portugal behält Oberhand gegen Portugal

Finland wins against Portugal with 8:0. The northerners thus qualify for the quarter-finals in the A Pool. 

Portugal finished the B-Pool in second place with good performances and could now fight against the Finns for a quarter-final place in the A-Pool. Portugal's momentum was dampened after just one and a half minutes by a goal from Finland's Kärkkäinen, beautifully served by Pietsalo. The Finns continued to press and Portugal goalkeeper Fernandes had to make several decisive saves. In the 5th minute, the Finns were able to play in powerplay for the first time and took full advantage of this: Viitanen scored with a well-placed shot from distance. A few seconds before the end of the first period, the omnipresent Pietsalo made it 3:0 with a powerful wrist shot, prompting the Portuguese coach to wake up his team with a time-out before the break. 

The Portuguese team continued to struggle after the first break, but were able to initiate some counter-attack. When two Finns ran alone on the Portuguese goal after 20 minutes, Viitakoski did not need to be asked twice to score. The game was decided. The Finns followed this up with further goals from Viitakoski, Viitanen, Lampo and Liedes. Viitakoski scored following a beautiful combination via Lindfors and Karppinen with 20 seconds to go to make the final score 8:0. 


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